utu seeks to offer rewards that add value to a traveler’s experience by giving back more of their tax refunds in Frequent Flyer Miles. utu continues to partner with leading airlines and is pleased to welcome its latest partner – Infinity MileageLands, the loyalty program of Skytrax 5-star certified airline, EVA Air. Now, infinity MileageLands members can earn more on their refunds when they choose to receive their refund in Award Miles with utu Tax Free Card.  

Shop more, Earn more 

Why receive tax refunds in Award Miles, you might ask? Tax-free shopping is available in 50 countries across the globe, including France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, and the UAE. With the Award Miles earned on your tax refunds, explore a world of amazing rewards. You will be one step closer to a flight to your next dream destination or booking hotel accommodation. No matter which part of the journey you are on, we want you to have the best experience! 

Members under the Infinity MileageLands programme will be able to utilize the utu Tax Free Card and receive rewards with an upsized value of US$125 for every US$100 received in tax refunds while shopping overseas. This translates to 3,125 Award Miles for every US$100 of tax refunded through the utu Tax Free Card. As an additional bonus, accumulating tax-free shopping receipts up to US$1,500 will qualify members for an exclusive 250 Bonus Award Miles. 

Using utu Tax Free Card to earn Award Miles 

After activating your utu Tax Free Card, shop and pay with a credit card as per usual then designate utu Tax Free Card as your refund destination. Here’s a quick guide on how the process works: 

  • Link your Infinity MileageLands membership to your utu Tax Free account and select ‘Infinity MileageLands’ as your preferred refund method 
  • When filling up a Tax Free form, enter your 16-digit utu Tax Free card number in the credit card field of any Tax Free from to make sure your tax refund gets sent to it 
  • If the store or Tax Refund Operator is helping to fill in your Tax Free form, inform them that you would like your refund to be received on the number shown on your utu Tax Free card 
  • When using a kiosk for a digital tax refund, simply follow the kiosk instructions and select credit card as your refund method. make sure to enter your 16 digit utu card number instead of your actual credit card number 
  • Follow customs formalities as instructed by the Tax Refund Operator as usual  
  • Once the refund is processed, utu will inform you of the number of Award Miles that will be credited to you  
  • Award Miles will be credited within 10 working days after the tax refund has been processed 

Helping you reach your dream destination faster 

Infinity MileageLands members can look forward to earning an additional 250 Bonus Award Miles by accumulating tax-free shopping receipts up to USD1,500. Don’t miss this chance to earn more Award Miles and redeem rewards for your next shopping getaway!  

Link your Infinity MileageLands membership account to the utu Tax Free App now and make utu Tax Free Card the destination to receive your refund after making a purchase.

Not an Infinity MileageLands member? Join here to discover a world of rewards! 

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